Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shortwave America to Ann Coulter: Let's Have a Public Debate!

Text of @ShortwaveAmca public debate challenge to @AnnCoulter in regards to her behavior:

You don't know me, but I am one of the leading communications sources out here. I am tweeting to take you to task. That you are using the Trayvon Martin tragedy as a political ploy to promote yourself is the worst thing anyone can do. What kind of a human being are you? Where is your human decency? Did you REALLY think this would be ok? 

Are you so starved for cash, publicity, attention, and are you so dark in your heart that you don't care who u destroy? Ann, you know and I know that you have stooped to the lowest point ever. You could have spread hope instead of hate. You have lost sight of what is appropriate, when, and why. I see through you. How do u live with yourself? 

You have left the public with the picture of a mad woman who has no character. Do you enjoy that? You really enjoy this, and the fact that you enjoy this makes you sick. I don't think you'll be brave enough to reply, but if you do....I am ready to publicly debate you on your behavior over the past years, and on the subject of responsible ethics. I have no reason to believe you would ever take my challenge, but if you ever do, here it is. 

Look in the mirror, Ann! Is it time to reassess yourself? Time to heal the wreckage you left behind? Can you really tell us you like yourself? As I close, here is a song I hope you will listen to.