Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yan Yinan - China Drive Host Passes Away

Beijing Cream Author, Anthony Tao, has broken the sad news of the untimely death of China Radio International's China Drive Host, Yan Yinan

Yan Yinan died from injuries sustained from suicide after she jumped from her apartment building. A credible piece of information from Beijing Cream says "Some of her colleagues were seen crying inside the CRI office on Friday. A source said CRI management has emailed staffers asking them to keep news of Yan’s death off social media out of respect for her family, and that there is an internal “ongoing discussion” about how to proceed." Beijing Cream broke the story on April 2, 2013 at 5:27 pm

Yan is being described as someone very special to everyone who knew her and worked with her. All information further says that even when she was on her own time, she was someone who was well respected, well-liked, and words such as "mentor" come into play as part of her life's narrative. Obviously, losing Yan Yinan means that the world has lost someone who brought immeasurable value with her during her life.

 China Radio International has released this statement:

"China Radio International is sad to announce the tragic passing of Yan Yinan after a struggle with illness. She will be missed as a colleague and friend. Out of respect for her privacy and the wishes of her family, we hope everyone can join us in giving them the ability to grieve in private."

CRI's description of Yan Yinan as someone who died from a "struggle with illness" is confirmed to be completely dishonest. Although some people who commit suicide do have a background of mental illness, this is not the case with Yan, and definitely not the case with everyone who ends their lives so drastically.

Her co-host, Mark Griffith has declined to make a public statement regarding Yan Yinan. 

This clip from China Drive, recorded on November 4th, 2008, features Yan Yinan with her co-host closing out an episode of the show.

A recent China Drive show recorded on April 25th, 2013, can be heard here

The China Drive webpage is here

Yan's C.R.I. Profile is here 

There appears to be some controversy over allegations that China Radio International intentionally covered up Yan's death, but never attempted to cover up the death of Xu Huaiqian.

Keith Perron, the owner of PCJ Media and PCJ Radio International once worked with Yan Yinan during his time at C.R.I. See the PCJ statement here.

We now learn that Yan Yinan's death took place on March 29th, not April 2nd, as was earlier released. Keith Perron says he vaguely remembers Yan Yinan as someone who worked in the newsroom and features department.

Other Suicides of China Radio International Staffers:

PCJ Media confirms other suicides at C.R.I. such as the death a few years ago of a man of Middle Eastern descent who jumped from the rooftop of CRI's building in Babaoshan western Beijing. This staffer was assigned to one of CRI's Middle Eastern language sections. Jon Kennedy in the English Section of C.R.I. is another death, his body was cremated without an autopsy. Keith Perron questions the official story given which reported Jon to have died from heart attack.

At this time, C.R.I. continues to shroud Yan Yinan's death in secrecy. Shortwave America and PCJ Media / PCJ Radio International wish to send condolences to the family, co-workers, and friends of Yan Yinan.