Monday, March 4, 2013

Flight Communications Reveal Pilot Wants Disabled Child Arrested

A radio monitor in Satellite Beach, Florida, reports the following: Yesterday (March 3rd 2013), at around 2:18PM United States Eastern time, a pilot on 131.05 (possibly Orlando IAP or KFLL IAP) requesting that a GSE and Law Enforcement meet the flight at Gate 6. Two passengers traveling with a small child, have been asked to keep the child from being unruly; and were allegedly refusing all instructions including seat belt instructions and instructions to turn off electronic devices. Pilot fears things may escalate.
The behavior referred to would appear to be that of a child with a disability, and the pilot ought to be ashamed of himself! 
Anyone with details, audio recordings of this incident to include any TSA / law enforcement radio traffic should contact Shortwave America. Your identity will not ever be made public, unless express written consent is given.