Monday, December 10, 2012

Massive World-Wide Internet Disruption

Venturebeat is reporting that Facebook has encountered what looks like a massive failure of their DNS. This has resulted in Facebook being unavailable for millions or more people world-wide, and along with this, GMail, and X-Box have also been affected by some unknown massive failure that some are speculating could also be DNS related, but no one yet knows for sure.

At this time, some rumors are going around blaming Anonymous, and Anonymous has not yet taken credit for any of this. Anonymous has stated on Twitter that they have not had anything to do with this massive outage of the named internet sites.

Twitter user, "Roastydog" had this to say: "Facebook is down? Haha losers, your silly social networking site died hahaha -says everyone on a social networking site"

As of 1747 hours CDT, Anonymous has reported that Facebook seems to be slowly recovering from this disaster involving their DNS.