Friday, September 21, 2012

Andy Sennitt Returns To The Airwaves

Early this morning at around 10:00UTC, Andy made the announcement that he will be working on a volunteer basis at Radio Seagull. Andy said this in his announcement:

"All the presenters are, like me, experienced broadcasters who volunteer their time and who do it for the love of radio and music, not because they have big egos. My presenter's page on the website will go online next Wednesday. For me, the icing on the cake is that Radio Seagull has its own offshore radio ship, which is sometimes used for broadcasting, so I have finally been offered the chance to work for a real offshore radio station."

You can hear Andy's show starting Tuesday, October 2nd. The show will run Tuesdays at 1100-1300 CET, which is 1000-1200 UK time.

Welcome back to the airwaves, Andy!  

Radio Seagull is here

The Radio Seagull Livestream is here