Monday, July 9, 2012

Museum of Shortwave, Amateur Radio, and High Frequency SSB Communications

Shortwave America is excited to announce the world's first museum dedicated the world of shortwave, amateur radio, and HF SSB communications!!! The museum will be a permanent, long-term, on-line display dedicated to the achievements in each of the categories and mediums listed in the title.

Shortwave America seeks to develop this endeavor over time to become an actual physical museum. In doing so, the on-line version will serve as the visual representation of what the actual museum will be in the future. The on-line representation is a good place to start so that all of you fans, followers, listeners, and those just getting into the world of radio can see the rich history and culture, the visions that became reality and caught on over time in the various radio mediums in each category, traditions in each radio medium, true stories, and other important items.

There will be sub-categories to cover each era of radio, each mode, each technological breakthrough, each legal victory in radio communities, each important milestone, and much more!

Shortwave America seeks partnerships with Shortwave Listener's Clubs, Leaders of the International Shortwave Broadcast Profession, Amateur Radio Clubs and Societies, HF Monitoring Groups, Radio Equipment Manufacturers, Radio Retailers, and individual private people who have historical or other important, relevant, contributions they wish to make.

Invitations are going out to some recognized leaders in each category at press time. Please keep an eye out here for more details as things develop. This is a huge undertaking and involves lots of work that takes time to bring forth fruit. This is something that will solidify the place of the targeted areas in radio communications in a tangible way that showcases each category and sub-category to the public at large in an engaging manner.