Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shortwave America Episodes To Air On WRMI

The "Full Circle" pilot episode with Jerry Bryant and Randy Stonehill will air December 24th on WRMI at 1900UTC (2PM Eastern Time), and the Shortwave America Christmas Special featuring Bob Zanotti, Victor Goonetilleke, and Paulette MacQuarrie will air on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2011 at 1900UTC (2PM Eastern Time)

Both of these shows can be heard on 9955Khz at the listed times. You can LISTEN HERE if propagation is bad on these two dates. If you end up missing the show, and want to hear it later, the pilot episode is already up a few articles down from this one. The Christmas show will be put up on December 25th right here for you.

Thanks to everyone involved for helping this past three years to be what they've been! Special thanks to Keith Perron and Paulette MacQuarrie at PCJ Media, Jeff White at WRMI, Jerry Bryant at Full Circle, and Randy Stonehill. Most of all, thank you to the loyal readers, fans, and listeners! Without any of you there would not be a show. Shortwave America is for all of you, and you should know that great things are in store in regards to programming. 

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