Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Odd Number Station just popped up

Many SWL's over the years have been fascinated by the mysterious number stations that have popped up going back to WW2. In the last few days I have monitored one that I have never heard before coming from Taiwan. Some of you have heard of New New Star Broadcasting which is a number station from Taiwan, but this one is very different. I should mention that New New Star has not been on for a while. A few months ago two high up officials from the Ministry Of Defense were arrested for spying for China and passing along classified information. Just around this time a few days later New New Star went silent. They were normally using frequencies between 10.400mhz and 10.550mhz USB. And was broadcast at 0400UTC, 0500UTC, 0600UTC. There were other broadcasts as well. I should mention these ones were the clearest in Taiwan to pick up.
In the last few days a new station has appeared. This time with some major differences. The first thing I noticed was there was no interval signal. Second was the voice was not computer generated, and finally third it was a mans voice not a woman.
Time to check: 0300UTC to 0330UTC
Frequency: 10.774mhz (USB)

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