Tuesday, June 22, 2010

State College Chills Licensed Amateur Citing Security Concerns About Amateur Equipment Receiving Frequencies Outside Amateur Bands

N1YS, a disabled ham attending a State college which is obligated to follow all state & federal laws to include PR 91-36 and the ECPA has effectively chilled N1YS and requires him to turn in his amateur HT each time he comes into the building because his equipment receives frequencies outside the amateur spectrum.


No contact information is posted at QRZ for this ham beyond his address. QRZ used to list e-mail addresses, but it looks like they have stopped that practice.

N1YS did not give the name of his college, but did confirm it is a state run operation, which would also fall squarely under the 1st amendment as far as communications are concerned. Security said to him that "we do not want anyone listening to our frequencies".

If anyone out here thinks they can lend support to N1YS, please consider stepping up. Tolerance equals consent in this type of matter and can set a dangerous precedent for licensed hams, as well as the public if this is allowed to continue.

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