Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shortwave AM Log (Life Above 1.800.00Khz)

7.332.00: Voice Of Russia / Mode: AM Voice
This program was heard at 0500UTC to 0600UTC with a focus on the Space Program, countries obtaining weapons, and the Moscow Revolution of 1917.

7.730.00: German Language / Mode: AM Voice (0537UTC switching between this freq and 7.332.00) I hate to sit on one freq for too long! Call it itchy VFO finger.

9.482.00: French Language / Mode: AM Voice

5.230.00LSB: Something that sounds like a cartoon ray gun. It comes and goes but always has another signal under it. "Bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep" with that cosmic kind of audio to it.

5.936.00: Pastor Melissa (former porn star turned preacher) Mode: AM Voice

5.985.00: China Radio International, Chinese Language Broadcast in Mandarin. / Mode: AM Voice

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